The Male Bra

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Believe it or not the male bra actually exists. It is one of the inventions that has been around for a really long time. Even so, men shy away from using it, although many of them have man boobs. This is the type of bra that has been specially created for men who have hormonal problems which lead to the apparition of man boobs. These bras are also known under the name of compression bras, compression vests, manssieres or gynecomastia vests. As you may have figured out, these have been created for men suffering from gynecomastia, in order to help them through the treatment process. The key essential of the male bra is that, as opposed to the female bra, it does not lift the breasts, but actually flattens them.


Aside from a medical problem, men can choose to wear male bras for cross-dressing. With the help of this undergarment, they can come close to the image they are trying to create. Cross-dressing does not necessarily imply wearing woman clothes, but actually transforming an entire male image into a female one. Therefore, even with a male bra, a cross-dresser can achieve a level of femininity desired. Another side usage of the male bra is in sports. Athletes are usually extremely fit and muscular, but there are times in which even them feel the need of a little bit of support and that is what the male bra is for.

The male bra is actually more “famous” than you may think, so you have to understand that there is no shame in wearing one, regardless of the reasons for which you need to use it! Here is the video from Seinfeld in which Kramer introduces Mr. Costanza to “the bro”: